2014 National Prayer Breakfast


The National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event held on the first Thursday of February in its 61st year, brings together over 3,200 people from all 50 US states and 140 countries. Taking place in Washington, D.C. and highlighted by an address by the President of the Unites States, this event unites people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds under the name of Jesus.



At this unifying time you will have opportunities to meet and develop friendships with people from all over the globe! As a member of the Washington state delegation, there are four days of activities and rich experiences all over the Washington, D.C. area. You’ll certainly walk away with a greater understanding of what following Jesus looks like as well as many new relationships spanning across the world.



Each day in DC will have scheduled items unique to our Washington delegation. We begin with an introduction dessert and briefing on Tuesday evening at the Washington Hilton Hotel.


Wednesday, the first full day for our group, will include a Gathering on The Hill with some of our Congressional Delegation, a Capitol tour, and several meetings and meals with people from across the country and globe. Thursday morning is a full day of events including the National Prayer Breakfast, hosted by Members of the Congressional fellowship groups, a National Leadership Seminar, breakout sessions with International guests, and the Family Dinner to close the evening.


Friday, our final day, will be spent with the Washington delegation touring the DC area and seeing firsthand the great work of several ministries that are making amazing impacts in vastly different parts of the city. To close our time we will have a final wrap back at the Hilton to hear about our experiences through the week and what we will take back to the Pacific Northwest as a result of this time.








Upcoming Events: